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The Writing Center - School of Nursing Students

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Writing Center

Consistent with the School of Nursing’s mission and vision, the goal of the Writing Center is to empower students to become agents of change as nursing leaders, educators, researchers, and practitioners. Good writing instruction and revision work promotes critical thinking, teaches effective communication, and supports deep learning of complex concepts. This approach is commonly known as Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC).

WAC principles include:

Writing promotes critical thinking and learning.

Writing allows students to communicate their knowledge, clarify their thinking, and learn new concepts (also known as Writing to Learn).

Use of the writing process engages students as authors of important resources, welcomes a diversity of voices, promotes creativity, and encourages agency.

Opportunities to write and receive feedback in every class produces good writers and is the responsibility of the faculty community.

Students must practice the academic conventions of a discipline to effectively communicate within that discipline (also known as Writing in the Disciplines).
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